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Rosser Woodlands Recreation Commission

Living Here

The Rosser Woodlands Recreation Commission (RWRC), which was established in 2010, was designed to promote and address recreational activity in the Rural Municipalities of Rosser and Woodlands.

Through collaboration with the respective RMs, the Interlake School Division and the West Interlake Trading Company, the RWRC seeks to support and develop existing recreation and community clubs in the area, while constantly monitoring and evaluating the need for innovative and entertaining recreational programming.

Connect With the RWRC

RWRC is on Facebook and Twitter. Please 'like' our Facebook page and 'follow' us on Twitter. By doing so, you'll be sure to stay well informed with regular communications. For more details on programs and events, visit the RWRC website!

Members and Councillors

The RWRC consists of 11 members: two Councillors each from Rosser and Woodlands, one Representative each from the Interlake School Division and the West Interlake Trading Company, one Community Economic Development Officer, one Recreation & Special Events Coordinator, and three Community Representatives. Currently, those representatives are as follows:

  • Rosser: Scott Corbett (RWRC Chair); Angela Emms
  • Woodlands: Trevor King (RWRC Vice-Chair); Lorna Broadfoot
  • West Interlake Trading Company: Gail McDonald, Lana Cowling-Mason (RWRC Treasurer)
  • Interlake School Division: John Hueging
  • RecreationDirector: Kelly Kimball
  • Community Representatives: Melanie Fleury, Crystal deLaroque

An Active Member of Regional and Provincial Organizations

The RWRC is also an active member of various regional and provincial organizations such as the Interlake Municipal Recreation Association (IMRA), the Interlake Recreation Professionals’ Association (IRP), and Recreation Connections Manitoba. Thanks to our partnership with the West Interlake Trading Company we are also in close contact with the Manitoba Tourism Education Council (MTEC), Community Futures – West Interlake, the Interlake Tourism Association (ITA) and Travel Manitoba.

Meetings / Contact Info

For more information or to appear as a delegation at a meeting please contact our Recreation Director, Kelly Kimball, by phone at (204) 461-4040, by email at or via Facebook by “like”-ing the Rosser Woodlands Recreation Commission page.