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Subdivision of Land

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Zoning Information

The Woodlands Development Plan and Zoning ByLaw provide direction as to the type and size of parcel lots that can be created within the various zones.

This information includes minimum parcel sizes and use of lands. Agricultural land subdivision resulting in parcels no less than 80 acres can be completed by the owner at the Winnipeg Land Titles Office. Any other subdivision process (parcels less than 80 acres), residential or commercial subdivisions have to go through the provincial subdivision process.

This process may take 4 - 6 months to complete depending on the complexity and circumstances of the application. Applications for subdivision are made directly through the Province of Manitoba. Please review the guidelines and the application form.

Subdivision approval is based on the land use policies of various provincial departments and compliance with the Municipal land use policies.

Contact Information

Anyone who is considering development may contact the Planning Clerk at (204) 383-5679 or send email to planning@rmwoodlands.ca.